MBA Studies: Skill Development

MBA (Master of Business Administration) studies are directed to the development of practical business knowledge in the area of business management. Programs are typically taken by business owners and managers who want to improve their management skills and further their business or career.

  • Courses combine theoretical and applied education.
  • They are professional training courses suited for experienced workers who may want to study online.

About MBA Programs

The MBA is a popular academic program that was originally introduced into USA universities but now can be found at universities all around the world.

The usual duration of studies is two years but there are also 1-year fast-tracked programs (, which are popular for students who want a study break from work.

Teaching is usually in English, but many institutions outside English speaking areas offer programs in native languages. Areas that can be studied in MBA programs include management, marketing, human resources, e-business and banking. Besides all of these programs, units are also available which aim to develop better teamwork, business communication and leadership. Ultimately, they provide the knowledge needed for various management positions in companies.

The quality of an MBA program is often looked at in terms of the prestige of the business school and the price tag attached to the degree. Increasingly, however, students are looking at value measures, such as program popularity, student ratings and course flexibility. Tuition fees are also looked at in terms of a value proposition rather than as an expression of quality and qualification worth.

Because many current or would-be managers want to keep working while studying for an MBA, online learning is a popular study option. The online mode is a great time saver. As well as eliminating travel costs altogether, you can study at any time of the day. Study can be adjusted to fit within a busy weekly schedule.

Skill Development

Many employees often ask to do business studies directed to: gaining practical and applicable knowledge, reaching a higher position in company management, or improving and developing their company. There are hard skills – those which are needed for performing all that is necessary to successfully do your job – acquired through your education and working experience.

There are also soft skills – those that depend on your abilities in communication, presentation, negotiations – which are linked with your personal development. For example, fitness and wealth programs are a cost-effective way to boost productivity. Such opportunities are more easily identified by knowing and communicating with employees.

I must say that, in business relations, communication and flexibility play pivotal roles. If you become a member of a high-positioned management team in some international corporation, no one will give you time to accommodate and fit into the team. You must be prepared for it, and they will probably expect you to be even more effective and proactive than the old members of that team.

MBA studies are one of the most popular academic programs for those talented individuals who are looking for their place in the top management of big business.

It is not essential to have a degree to enroll in an MBA program because of embedded qualifying courses, such as a graduate certificate. However, typically, you must have significant professional experience.

Many top management members stated that only 20% of success is about studying business itself, and 80% is about the personal development of a single talented individual. This is the essential purpose of MBA studies; to bring out your talents and propel you on a path of lifelong learning.