Business Brain Meaning: What Is a Business Mind?

A person with a good business brain doesn’t think with pessimism. A business mind sees challenges to overcome and problems to solve.

Is Business Analytics a Good Major?

With surging demand for data and business analysis skills, you may be wondering if business analytics is a good choice for your major? Is it easy enough and does it…

How to Deal With an Underperforming Employee

Let’s explore ways to handle underperformance. We’ll also look at signs and symptoms, questions to ask, and ways to motivate the employee.

Affiliative Leadership Style: People First Approach

The affiliative leadership style is also known as the people first style. Affiliative leaders create a positive, friendly work environment.

How Long Should a Cover Letter Be?

A cover letter should be one page or less in length, with around three to four paragraphs. The first paragraph should introduce yourself.

Outsourcing Strategy: Definition, Benefits, Risks

An outsourcing strategy is a plan to identify which tasks or services a business will outsource to an external provider, and to what extent.

Virtual Office

Virtual offices are used by small businesses not needing full-time office space. At low cost, they receive a business address and services.

Company Blog: Tips and Examples

As with any blog, choice of topic and good writing are key to company blog success. You need to blog about subjects that interest people.

Is Business Analytics Hard? Yes and No

In a technical sense, business analytics is not especially hard. You could train almost anyone with a bit of math ability to do the job.

Self Promotion Examples in Business

Self promotion is a smart, cheap way to add value to a company and your reputation. Opportunities are always available to promote your brand.