Why User Experience Comes First

The user experience comes first when it comes to designing a website, product or service. To succeed in business, prioritize customers.

Company Blog: Tips and Examples

As with any blog, choice of topic and good writing are key to company blog success. You need to blog about subjects that interest people.

Self Promotion Examples in Business

Self promotion is a smart, cheap way to add value to a company and your reputation. Opportunities are always available to promote your brand.

Top 10 Essential Marketing Skills

A good marketing campaign helps a brand or product perform well. Here are the top 10 essential skills you should learn to boost sales.

Why Use Social Media Marketing?

The truth is that, even today, relatively few businesses rely on social media marketing for sales. It’s also possible that your business is outside a niche where social media brings in…

What’s in a (Business) Name?

Choosing a name is one of the most exciting parts of starting a business, and you may already have a few ideas in mind. Though it might seem like a…

Interview with an Advertising Executive

We interviewed Brian Hall, a recognized expert in the field of hospitality marketing and advertising. He has over 15 years experience in hotels, destinations and airlines. A frequent guest lecturer…

Consumption Psychology

The idea that consumers buy products based on their quality or price alone is a myth. In fact, many other, often subconscious factors pull strings at the point of a…

Boost Web Page Traffic: 10 Quick Tips

Generating quality traffic for your web page is probably the hardest thing to do as a digital marketer or business owner. And it’s a never-ending marathon! Are you tired of…