University Lists – English Speaking Countries

If you want to study at university in one of the English-speaking countries, it helps to have a list of universities you could attend. Lists not only show the universities and colleges available but also present metrics, such as student numbers and rankings.

Here, in my opinion, are the best university list sites for each country.

Australian Universities Lists

If you study abroad in Australia, expect a high standard of living and a good quality education. Australia is one of the most popular destinations for international students and has a number of student cities that are highly ranked for livability.

But, also expect to pay for the experience. Tuition and housing costs are high in Australia. You can work up to 40 hours per fortnight while on a student visa, which can help reduce your costs. And options are available to continue working in Australia after you graduate (refer Jenny English).

Canadian Universities

Canada is a popular alternative to the United States as a study destination for international students. Living costs and tuition fees are lower and you have more options for staying on in the country after you graduate.

Canada is know for its cool climate and mountainous terrain. This can be an attraction for anyone who loves snow and dramatic landscapes. Also know that Canadians know how to rug up, and create indoor activities that can be enjoyed anytime of year.

New Zealand Universities

A good thing about choosing a university in New Zealand is that you are not overburdened with choice. There are only 8 universities to select from.

New Zealand is the cooler climate alternative to studying in Australia, much like how Canada is an alternative to the United States. New Zealand has beautiful countryside and offers generally lower tuition fees than what you might pay in Australia.

South African Universities

You may not be aware, but South Africa has close to thirty universities to choose from. Most of them are part of the public system. And South Africa is an English-speaking country for the most part.

The country has an emerging university system that is an emerging destination for internal students. The country’s leading universities are world class. A big advantage of studying in South Africa is that, with a favorable exchange rate, you can make big savings in terms of tuition fees and living costs.

United Kingdom Universities

Studying with a UK university promises that you’ll get a fantastic sampling of the famous British culture. You could come away with a slightly more posh accent but be aware that British students are known for having just as much fun as anyone else.

The UK offers plenty of choice when it comes to university study. These include some of the world’s most prestigious institutions.

United States Colleges

American universities / colleges give you the chance to earn a respected qualification while experiencing college life and American culture. For example, if you have a good business brain, you could earn an MBA from a top business school such as Yale. For most subjects, you have a vast array of colleges to choose from.

The biggest hurdle is paying the high tuition fees, especially as international students have almost no opportunity to work while studying. Also bear in mind that a general bachelor degree (such as Arts or Business) in the US is four years long, compared to three in most other English-speaking countries.