Affiliative Leadership Style: People First Approach

The affiliative leadership style is also known as the people first style. Affiliative leaders create a positive, friendly work environment.

Outsourcing Strategy: Definition, Benefits, Risks

An outsourcing strategy is a plan to identify which tasks or services a business will outsource to an external provider, and to what extent.

Virtual Office

Virtual offices are used by small businesses not needing full-time office space. At low cost, they receive a business address and services.

Power of Positive Attitude in Business

A positive attitude is essential for leaders such as business managers or entrepreneurs. But the benefits of positive thinking apply to all.

Business Success Principles

There are some abiding, timeless principles that every business must apply – if it is to succeed over the long term. We’ve summed up the essential principles after researching the thoughts…

Do I Need a Bookkeeper or an Accountant?

When it comes to your small business, you may be wondering whether your best move is to work with a bookkeeping service or hire an accountant. While these two options may sound…

How to Integrate Technology in Supply Chains

When implementing any kind of change in the supply chain, the three key areas for review are processes, people and technology. Changes in procedures, organisational structure and the use of…

Making Project Management Easier

Using the right project management tools can save you time and make you a better leader. Technology has completely changed the way things are done in many companies and using modern…

Managing Underperformance

One of the greatest challenges an organization can face is that of underperforming employees. There’s no need to let this problem reach the point where it affects the overall performance of…