Business Brain Meaning: What Is a Business Mind?

A person with a good business brain doesn’t think with pessimism. A business mind sees challenges to overcome and problems to solve.

How to Deal With an Underperforming Employee

Let’s explore ways to handle underperformance. We’ll also look at signs and symptoms, questions to ask, and ways to motivate the employee.

Affiliative Leadership Style: People First Approach

The affiliative leadership style is also known as the people first style. Affiliative leaders create a positive, friendly work environment.

Self Promotion Examples in Business

Self promotion is a smart, cheap way to add value to a company and your reputation. Opportunities are always available to promote your brand.

Top 10 Essential Marketing Skills

A good marketing campaign helps a brand or product perform well. Here are the top 10 essential skills you should learn to boost sales.

Consumption Psychology

The idea that consumers buy products based on their quality or price alone is a myth. In fact, many other, often subconscious factors pull strings at the point of a…