Ultimate Guide to Business Majors

Business majors are some of the most popular degrees. A good business program is general while also offering the opportunity to specialize.

What Financial Analysts Do

Financial analysts assess the financial performance of a company or industry sector and make buy, sell and hold recommendations to investors.

Why Study for a Business Degree? 7 Reasons

Let’s take a look at good reasons for getting a business degree, such as a Bachelor of Business or Master of Business Administration.

Bridget’s Account Executive / PR Career

How an account executive gets down to business and makes the world a better place… an interview with Bridget Worrell. A lifelong interest in community development led Bridget Worrell’s to…

Her McKinsey Consulting Career

An interview with Sharon Hoffman, a Practice Manager with the famous management consulting firm McKinsey and Company. Ms Hoffman and Her Career How did you career begin? How and why…