Is an Online MBA Worth It?

An online MBA is worth it, especially if you want to keep your career going while you study. The biggest advantage of an online MBA is flexibility. You can balance study with a full-time job by fitting education into the gaps in your weekly schedule.

Why an Online MBA is Worth It for Many

For many professionals, you want your career to keep going up on a steady climb but you also want the boost that comes from a Master of Business Administration degree. That can be achieved with an online MBA. Online programs are usually designed specifically for people who want to continue working while studying.

Flexibility and convenience aren’t the only advantage of an online MBA that makes getting the degree worth it. You also have more program choice since there are no geographical limits. And there are cost and time savings as well.

Also bear in mind that there are few downsides that come with online MBA studies. While studying without attending classes in person is not for everyone, you still are able to get a valuable degree. Expect to benefit from professional credibility, new skills and business insights for the rest of your working life.

Is Online MBA Education Affordable?

Getting an MBA through online study is the most affordable option. Significant cost savings are available.

Quality education is expensive when you pursue your advanced studies in classrooms. As well as the tuition fees, you have travel costs and may have to take time off work.

As well as convenience of an online MBA, you get to choose your university from anywhere around the world. Distance is not a stumbling block when you pursue online learning. Everything is done through the internet. So you can choose an online program that is better than anything delivered from your town or city. You can earn an MBA from a business school as far away as Australia or from a university or college in the next state.

Do Online Graduate Business Schools Have a Good Reputation?

Online postgraduate certification is respected today, especially as online learning has become commonplace and not seen as anything unusual.

Companies often prefer that their promising executives attend online MBA classes because it doesn’t disrupt their work with the company. They have flexibility and freedom, and at the same time, they earn their MBA, which is to the benefit of both the company and the individual.

Is an Online MBA Difficult to Attain?

Studies prove that entry into an online advanced education program is easy but difficult to complete. But with self discipline and the following tips, before you know it, you have earned an online MBA:

  • Learn to prioritize.
  • Know what to expect. Lots of reading, writing and studying.
  • Create high goals for yourself.
  • Ask for help or assistance. Never be embarrassed to ask questions.
  • Pursue an MBA within your career line or interests.
  • Balance work, studies and family.
  • Build relationships within your MBA community.

What are the Most Affordable Online MBAs?

Since distance is not a problem, getting an affordable MBA from overseas is a big probability. Here are some with the lowest fees:

  • Renmin University of China School of Business $20,000
  • IIM Bangalore $30,000
  • Indian Institute of Management Calcutta $30,000
  • IIM Ahmedabad $32,000
  • Fudan University School of Management $35,000
  • Durham University Business School $39,000
  • Leeds University Business School $39,000
  • University of Edinburgh Business School $41,000
  • University College Dublin $42,000
  • University of Strathclyde Business School $42,000

What are the Most Expensive Online Postgraduate Programs?

If your company is willing to shoulder your tuition and fees, why not go for an online MBA from the costliest schools online. Here is a list:

  • Northwestern (Kellogg) $187,290
  • Pennsylvania (Wharton) $186,900
  • Columbia Business School $182,280
  • Chicago (Booth) $179,000
  • NYU (Stern) $177,800
  • Columbia & London Business School $172,815
  • NYU/LSE/HEC Trium $169,500
  • Yale $167,000
  • UC-Berkeley $167,000
  • Duke (Fuqua) $166,000

Best Ages to Earn an Advanced Education Online

The median age for pursuing an online MBA degree is between 26 and 32. But over the past years, 42 percent of all MBA students were ages 40 and up when they applied for admission.

From your 20s up to your 40s, you can enhance your career with an online MBA. Up to 55 percent of MBA graduates get promoted because of their educational pedigree.

If you are in your 50s, there will be fewer years to reap the benefits of an online MBA. But if you love the challenge of going back to school, then go for it. No one is going to stop you from improving yourself. People also say that 50 is the new 30. Prove everybody wrong.

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  1. For me absolutely, I’m so happy I decided to enroll in an MBA last fall. I was already working from home so I had control over my workload and I desperately needed the extra money. In less than a month I will have my MBA and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

  2. The thing that you have said in the article about geographical limits and cost is so true.
    First of all it removes the geographical barriers. Moreover by uploading their e-learning content to the cloud, organizations will experience significant reduction in expenses and will also gain better insight into the impact.
    Thanks for the detailed information

  3. I’m a single mom so an online MBA is my only solution of furthering my career in the next several years and even this will be a stretch since time is a big issue for me. Thanks for including a list with affordable MBAs, I will start my research with these.

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